We reserved the whale watching trip out of Juneau well before the cruise. Had we not gone on the one at Icy Strait, we would have thought this one was wonderful. As it was, this one was great, and we don't regret it AT ALL, but we saw more whales, closer, at Icy Strait. Still the weather was much nicer at Juneau, and our excursion included the salmon bake at Orca Point Lodge which was lovely, sunny, warm (the lodge) and delicious (the food); and – alas! – a too-short trip to the Mendenhall Glacier. Because the Serenade was sailing from Juneau early (3:00 p.m.) we had just a short visit at the glacier. We’ve put on our list for next Alaska cruise to get to Mendenhall for a solid couple of hours so we can really see it; it's worth the trip!

Looks like the Loch Ness Monster, doesn’t it? It’s actually one whale diving, and behind it the fluke (tail) of another.